Millennial Misconceptions

11th Oct 2016
Millennial Misconceptions

The Millennials… We’ve all heard about them, read about them and many people have formed unwarranted opinions about them but what is the real truth about this demographic group?

Many of the opinions are negative in nature, such as ‘They are lazy’, ‘They can’t be trusted’ or ‘They feel as if they are entitled’.

Baby Boomers and Gen X are mis-informed about this tech-savvy group .. and this leads to conflict

These comments are often coming from older generations (Generation X or Baby Boomers), who unfortunately are misinformed and who have pre-conceived ideas about this dynamic and technically savvy group.

In the workplace, these misconceptions can lead to conflict between staff (of different generations), and may result in a team that under-performs, and with clients and guests who have a less than satisfactory customer journey and experience.

What bothers me is that often those accusing the Millennials of being lazy or having an attitude have simply not bothered to learn about what really makes this group ‘tick’, and what can be done to create a positive team spirit and energy.

Each generation comes with its’ own attitudes, values and qualities. Each generation has much to offer in terms of skills, knowledge and experiences. And each generation communicates differently and has different expectations about the workplace and career advancement.

The challenge for management is to understand each generation ... to manage conflict and motivate & retain staff

Knowing this, underlines the importance for management and human resources to learn about, and understand, each generation, which will also help to identify potential problems and possible areas of conflict. And just as importantly, they must learn how to manage conflict, motivate and retain staff, and create a high functioning team.

If these issues resonate with you and situations you are facing in your workplace, I invite you to visit my session at Spa Life UK to learn about the different generations; how they function and think; how to resolve conflict and how to motivate them. You will also learn what the expectations of the different generations of spa guests are, what is necessary to meet those expectations and how to create loyalty for your brand for any age.

International presenter and fitness consultant Fred Hoffman will be speaking at this year's Spa Life UK conference.

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