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No more pointless social media posts, please!

9th Oct 2017
No more pointless social media posts, please!

Social media can be a powerful tool. It can help you spread your brand messages to your target audience and ultimately build your brand. But you can’t just share random posts and expect to get attention from clients.

Question: How often have you seen this kind of generic post?

It does nothing for you or for their business. Stock photo, boring image, this post is pointless! It will just go unnoticed, especially these kind of images. We see them every day! It’s nothing special and nothing worth stopping to look at.


Or this… long-winded, salesy text with another generic stock shot?


Kathryn Moroz, president of the spa consulting firm Spa Advisors, said: “If you want it to work, you must make an effort to post relevant content on a regular basis.” And she’s right. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve been in spa business for two months, two years, or 20 years, whichever social media platforms you’re targeting, you’ll only engage your target audience if you’re regularly posting easily digestible content in the form of video or visuals.


Stock photo + boring images = pointless posts!

If you want to boost your business, attract and acquire customers and build your brand, start with a social media strategy. This will ensure you and your team understand which of the various social media networks – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest or Snapchat – are more likely to help you achieve your business objectives. Without a social strategy, you’ll struggle to get followers and fans, and keep them.


A winning strategy looks something like this:

  • Be clear on what you want to achieve
  • Know your audience
  • Decide the social networks you want to use
  • Create content that will excite
  • Amplify using ads

Ideally, begin with Facebook – it’s the number one social network in the world and offers powerful advertising options. Then try Instagram. Start small – two or three networks at most so you don’t get overwhelmed.


If you’re targeting a business audience (B2B), LinkedIn is looking much more attractive these days, especially since it introduced native video. It’s becoming a lot more “Facebooky” and as such, offers good potential. But when you’re engaging on LinkedIn, do it through your profile, not a company page, so it’s very much about social selling as opposed to social media marketing. 


I left Twitter off the list because, while it is still used by massive numbers of people, it is more of a place for real time news, customer service and conversation. Too many spa businesses have done it all wrong by shooting generic content out AT people on Twitter, or worse – auto-posting from Facebook. Twitter is best kept for customer service.

 Every platform is different; what works on Instagram isn’t necessarily going to cut it on Facebook


Next, determine what kind of content you’re going to post. Social media is all about encouraging user interaction. And when I say users, that’s your customers. Most of whom are already active on the major social networks. If they’ve shown an interest in your offer, it’s your responsibility to interact with them.


Start by inviting them to share their spa experience on their personal social media accounts. You have to be strategic about it, to ensure they use a specific hashtag – making it possible for other people to access your posts when they search for it. Consider rewarding your customers. Give them incentives for sharing like a bi-weekly or monthly prize to the best post or image. You also want to re-share, retweet, and re-pin positive feedback ­– honest customer feedback makes your brand more trustworthy than any other form of endorsement.


Every platform is different, so what works on Instagram isn’t necessarily going to cut it for Facebook, which is more about video. Video, you say? How can I afford video? Do I have to get a camera crew to help me make it? No! Come along to my Facebook Live Masterclass at the Spa Life International Event in Birmingham in November and I’ll show you how to use Facebook’s Live video tool to your best advantage.


Author: Maryrose Lyons is a Social Media Consultant and Founder of Brightspark Consulting. She has been doing digital marketing since 1999 so was there when social media started, has evolved with the platforms, and is considered to be on the very edge of what’s happening in social media.



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