One great tip to improve readership of your on-line content

1st Dec 2017
One great tip to improve readership of your on-line content

We recently came across a blog that suggested we should be writing 25 headlines for every article we create. Yes, you read that right, 25 headlines for EVERY article.


Now, we often bounce ideas around the office before we settle on a headline for our own brilliant masterpieces (what? Stop sniggering!!) but 25? … For every article? … No way.


So, intrigued, we read on… and now we think differently.


It doesn't matter how great your content is if no-one reads it


The advice came from Upworthy, a relatively new ‘mission-driven’ media company (their description, not ours). The firm was launched on March 26, 2012 and by July had achieved 2.5 million unique visitors; by August this was up to 4 million; 6 million in September and 8.7 million by October. That’s impressive growth by any standard!


According to those in the know, a crucial factor in this impressive growth is the simple fact that every author on the editorial team is forced to create 25 headlines for every article before it is published. The ethos behind this strategy? It doesn’t matter how great your content is, if no-one reads it, it’s wasted.


Upworthy’s senior management acknowledged that it’s often difficult to reach the full 25 – and often there are some really dreadful examples in the first 15-20 attempts – but this simply forces team to really think outside the box in pursuit of the greatest, attention-grabbing headlines.


Of course, compared to a media company like Upworthy, the editorial and marketing resources within a typical spa management team will be limited, but what this strategy clearly emphasises is the importance of the headline – to capture your audience’s attention so that they read your content.

What else is there that can increase the reach of your message by 6-10 times? 


At this point we can hear the collective groan from the industry as spa managers across the country will be objecting, no doubt arguing that strict adherence to the rule of 25 will slow down the speed at which communications are broadcast and clearly this allocation of time may have an impact on cost. But in the Upworthy experience you can see the positive impact of this type of strategy.


So, is this something you would adopt in your own spa’s marketing and communication strategy?


If you’re still sceptical, consider this: what other activities can you do in a couple of hours that can increase the reach of your message by six to 10 times? A great blog headline can be the difference between 1,000 people and 1,000,000 people seeing your article and reading your message.


We’re convinced! We’ll be diligently cranking out 25 headlines – for the next few weeks at least – in the hope of capturing and retaining your attention for the foreseeable future.


Please do let us know what you think of our efforts.


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