Shooting from the hip

What gets your goat about the spa sector?

23rd Sep 2016
What gets your goat about the spa sector?

Here at #SpaLifeUK we are continuing our commitment to raising standards in the spa sector with the launch of a new blog feature titled 'Shooting from the Hip'.


We invite your contributions in the form of your personal, thought-provoking and even controversial observations on the debates which are raging within the treatment rooms, staff rooms and board rooms in your business and throughout the industry.

The purpose is to bring these debates into the public domain


The purpose of this feature is to bring these debates in to the public domain to raise the awareness of important issues for all stakeholders and to facilitate wider discussion of key issues for the good of the sector.


So tell us what gets your goat and we'll share this with our network.


And remember, 'a problem shared is a problem halved', as they say, and hopefully we'll strike a nerve with some of our industry colleagues who may be able to offer advise on the challenges you are facing.

So come on folks, please share with us, What Gets Your Goat?

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